Currency Conversion

In order to keep our prices low we needed to change a little bit to the way our website works with other currencies then €’s.

If you were and are used to paying in euro’s then basically nothing has changed for you, if you were used to paying in a different currency, things have changed a bit.

In the past months we have made multi currency available in several currencies other than euro’s.
You were able to check out in these different currencies.

However, in our back office, these different currencies were putting some pressure on the bookkeeping part of our business. Which resulted in higher cost in accounting.
We think it is a bad idea to add these cost to the price of the products, so we have removed the possibility to checkout in currencies other than Euro’s.

However, if you do not have Euro’s are your native currency, you can now use the Currency Convertor on our website to have the prices converted to your preferred currency.
The convertor uses the latest exchange rate that is updated daily.

You will see your preferred currency all the way up until the actual payment itself. That will be in Euro’s.
This way we hope to still serve you with good user experience, and still be able to give you the best prices possible.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.