Holiday break statement

We want to thank all our customers that have been ordering in the past and more recent during the challenging times in the worldwide Covid pandemic.

It’s been tough, I’ll be honest. We have seen a massive decrease in sales due to the fact that most archery has been forced to a standstill during Covid lockdowns.

We are seeing an increase in sales lately, which is the light in the tunnel for us as a business. But also, this means that archers worldwide are able to get into practicing archery again. We see many initiatives on clubs, schools and at peoples homes. We all enjoy this beautiful sport, but only when we are able to actually shoot a bow.

Our primary thought is to keep pushing during these challenging times, however, we now feel that our family needs a holiday more then ever. Knowing that this is also not going to be ‘normal’ like we were used to in the past.
We have always been able to keep production running during those holidays. However, at this moment we do not have that option.

This means that we will need to close our production line from the 9th until the 20th of August.
During these 12 days we are ready to receive your order with a fixed 10% discount on all products. A coupon will be automatically added to your cart during our holiday period.

We hope for your understanding and hope even more that you as well are safe and able to shoot your bow as often as you’d like.
After our holiday we’ll be ready to get back producing the best arrow wraps you deserve!

Thank you on behalf of me and my family,

Ron van der Hoff
Owner Socx/