Custommadewraps have always been tested by members of the Pro staff shooters before a new wrap type will be sold.
Durability and ease in use are commonly heard as the possitive points, but just as important is the fact that the wraps are lightweight.
The standard X10 wraps are only 2.6 grains and won’t affect arrow flight!

Using glue on a carbon shaft is a risk as you can damage the shaft.

Since glue is not an issue anymore when you use our wraps, check out the recommended glues below.

Vanes actually stick better on wraps.

When you add our preprinted lines for curled vanes, fletching and re-fletching your vanes will never be easier.

Ron van der Hoff
Company owner

I started this company during my years as a professional archer.

Not to make money, but to solve a problem with my vane fletching.

Harm van der Hoff
Marketing Manager



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Mitch Dielemans / Professional archer