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When using spin vanes on your arrows

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This design was made by Custommadewraps and tested by Steve Wijler.

The wrap cut is exclusively available for use with Spin vanes.

Perfect vane fit

The Spin Elite cut is designed to have a perfect fit for any Spin vane type vane.
It is important to know that in order for an arrow wrap to have a good solid fit to the arrow shaft, the wraps needs a bit of an overlap.
And although our wrap materials are very thin, at that point of the wrap you will have a thicker base for vanes to be attached onto the wrap.

What we have done with the design of the Spin Elite cut, is to move away the overlap from the location a vane is placed onto the wrap.
This means the wrap will still have the necessary overlap, but it will always be in between two vane locations and never underneath a vane.

Although the impact of the overlap on a standard cut is small on vane placement, the Spin Elite cut will guarantee identical vane placement for each vane.

Spin vane line angle

All Spin Elite wraps come with a fixed angle for Spin vanes. This is different to the lines for Spin vanes you will see on the other wrap cuts, where you have offset lines for the angle of the vane placement.

This fixed angle is needed in order for the placement of the overlap to be correct.
You will be asked your preferred angle during the order proces. An sample angle image is attached to the product image gallery.

Short design

By placing the name in between the vanes, the wrap can be extremely short.

This can be ideal if you are looking for a light design or simply like the look of a shorter wrap.

How to apply the Spin Elite wraps


Step 1

Cut off a single wrap of the sheet of wraps.


Step 2

Depending on the color of your wrap you can have application foil or no application foil.


Step 3

Place the wrap face down on the application pad. Make sure to align the offset notch with the top corner of the wrap.


Step 4

Align the arrow shaft on top of the arrow wrap.


Step 5

Press firmly and roll the wrap onto the shaft. The application foil should be removed during this action.


Step 6

Fully apply the wrap. Make sure to firmly press the last overlapping part of the wrap.


Step 7

Start applying your vanes against the spin vane lines.


Step 8

When all vanes are applied they should be perfectly divided onto the arrow shaft.


Step 9

You can use our clear wrapping tape to fixate the end(s) of the vanes. Or use the tape provided with the vanes.