Why we have periodical production stops

My name is Ron van der Hoff.

I am owner of Socx & Custommadewraps.com, a small family owned business that produces arrow wraps and related archery products.

I am however, also Coach of the National Recurve Team of the Netherlands.

And because of that role it’s currently unavoidable that we have some production stops during training and competition periods.

Updated production process

During the covid periode we changed our production process. A new machine park that ensures a faster, more efficient, production process. And a more durable product.

However, I have to admit that at this point it is impossible to produce wraps in my absence. This is mostly because of the knowledge I have of the design and production process and the fact that that knowledge is not yet transferred to another person that could run the machines while I am not on site.

Short term this means that we have occasional production stops.