Is there a best time to buy

We get the question very regularly.

“How long does it take for you guys to ship a set of custom arrow wraps after I made the order?”

There is no simple answer like order before a certain time and we ship the next day. Simply because we make our wraps to accommodate for your specific needs.

A couple steps need to be taken before a set of arrow wraps is finished. In order these steps are:

  1. Design file | We make a design file for your order according to the input you have given us during the order proces. These files are saved with a unique filename that is linked to your order.
  2. Production prep | After, the design file is send to our production machines. We do this in batches of the same base vinyl color.
  3. Production | After the correct base vinyl color is loaded into the machine we run production of the arrow wraps.
  4. Drying | After production the wraps need a little dry time before they can go to the next step. The wraps dry in a special drawer where they can lay flat and are not exposed to light or dust particles from the production environment. This proces is a couple minutes or up to a couple hours long, depending on which design was chosen for the wraps.
  5.  Peeling | All excess material is peeled off of the sheet of vinyl so only the custom arrow wraps are left on the sheet of teflon backing.
  6. Packaging | The sheets are cut to smaller sizes to fit our packaging. Separate application foil is added to the wraps.
  7. Shipping | The order is picked and packed in a shipping box. Each working day multiple orders are handed to our shipping partners.

Although all steps above need to be taken in order to get the wraps order on its way to you as a customer, this does not mean it takes a long time in between the moment of ordering and shipping.

The part of the process that gives the most delays is switching to a different vinyl color. Machines need to be set up and calibrated during that proces.

During the weekend we typically receive more orders per day than on a working day. This means we also have more orders per single vinyl color. 
In the end on average we will have less moments of delay per order during these ‘busy’ moments.

Orders we receive in the weekend typically ship on the next Monday.

So if we do need to give an answer to the question “Is there a best time to buy?”, it would be, during weekends. As all orders we receive in the weekend typically ship on the next Monday.