Changed international shipping regulations

Due to international regulations, determined by the Universal Postal Union *, we must make a strict distinction between sending documents and goods.

All your goods shipments, from now on, have to be provided with a shipping label with barcode. In addition, countries require that we share the information about these shipments digitally and in advance with them. 

* Universal Postal Union: organization that coordinates postal policy worldwide.

Countries are increasingly checking what enters their country. That is why they demand that more information be shared in advance. If we do not do this, it is possible that your shipment will be delayed, sent back or even destroyed. To prevent this, we will adjust our shipping options for shipments abroad. 

The biggest difference you as our customer will experience is when you were used to choosing for the cheaper non tracked option. These shipment will now be provided with a shipping label including barcode. Not for tracking, but for the information about the products that needs to be shared.

This all means that we will implement new shipping options on our website. We are confident that these changes will be to anyones liking. International shipping will be more reliable from this point on.