What to do over Christmas?

Are you worried about the Christmas season, do you know that it’s the one time of year you really overindulge?

Well, fear not! I’m going to give you some top tips over this Christmas period!

  1. You have time off of work, so why not get to the practice range and do what you do best! Christmas is probably the longest holiday of the year that you will have off work, so use it to its full advantage. Wake up a few of those days, nice and early, and start your day by shooting at your local archery range, you can even practice blank boss while the turkey is roasting.
  2. Use the days off to hit the gym. A simple gym programme focussing on the whole body will keep your whole body trained in much fewer days. If you fancy the bodybuilding route, however, hit the gym every day and focus on different body part each of those days.
  3. Try not to overindulge. Remember Christmas is really only one day! Yes I know there are often many Christmas parties, or at least there are in Jersey, one for the sub-department, one for the department and one for the whole office but if you only have one Christmas party that is going to be much better for you. Try not to overindulge in excessive drinking over the Christmas period and try not to overeat your weight in cheese and chocolates (the go-to naughty foods in the UK, obviously not together!)
  4. Christmas meals can be healthy if you haven’t overindulged the whole of December why not go for it on Christmas Day. But that means you need to be very good on Boxing Day and the days before and after Christmas.
  5. Meat and vegetables are not the baddies so enjoy the Christmas meal and load up on lots of the good vegetables and protein-rich foods during the day, not only will it be better for you then chocolate it also helps your archery recovery.
  6. Work on the pre-habilitation stuff or rehabilitation stuff. This is a great time during thee days off to get your cliniband out and use it while watching those festive films.
  7. Most importantly have a great festive season. If you want to shoot, shoot. If you don’t, don’t this may be the only time of year you can actually give your self a few days off so if you need a break take it, or if like me you need time behind the bow, use days off to do so!

Have a great Christmas Everyone. Shoot well and keep gym & archery strong, healthy and injury free, and I will see you in 2019!
Good luck #LOSPT