How to find coupon codes that have been added to your account

Find your account specific coupon codes

We are able to make coupon codes that will only work when specifically you are logged in. The coupon code will check the email address used in your account to validate itself.
Since some coupons will only be valid on, for example, Arrow wraps, the coupon will only be visible when you have arrow wraps in your shopping cart.

The two options

There are two ways to go to a page where you can find your coupon code(s).
You can go to the shopping cart or directly to checkout.
If you want to change anything that is in the cart you need to follow the view cart link.
If you are done ordering and you know all is fine, you can skip some steps and follow the checkout link.

The shopping cart page

When you are on this page and have a coupon added to your account you will see it appear just below you product list.
You need to click this coupon in order to validate it!

The checkout page

It’s a little different when you go to the checkout page directly.
On this page you need to click on the text link “Click here to enter your code”.
The coupon codes, if added to your account, will appear below the text link.

Again, you need to click this coupon in order to validate it!